Unvalued Vivaciousness

Hello all, I'm Katrina

Currently, I am a student at a Texas University attempting to earn my degree in Geology. If things go well I plan to pursue a masters. My choice to go to college was independent of my father and his family's wishes, so I'm heading this out mostly on my own.

I'm a first generation American, my father and his family came from El Salvador during the early 80s. They've been sticking it out in Texas ever since. Sadly, despite my heritage I do not speak Spanish as I didn't have much opportunity to learn it.

My blog is typically filled with feminist politics (concerning only equality, not supremacy), reptiles, other animals, cats, things I find humorous, things I find artistic, geology, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Pokemon, and overall interesting news and science! If I think it's cool, interesting, funny, or important, it's going to show up here!

Occasionally I will post my own "art" and photographs, and you should definitely reblog them, because they're awesome. Keep a lookout for those.

Lastly, I should mention that I am commonly correcting those who are hypocritically spouting discrimination while fighting discrimination (because it's happening so often now, I feel like I should include this shows up from time to time). I do not tolerate people who hate and thus discriminate people in any way, be they white, hispanic, black, indian, male, female, bi, gay, striaght, cis, trans, or what have you. Everyone deserves to be treated with equality and respect.

Do not contact me with an ask if its purpose is to fuel your frivolous ego with a pointless argument.

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